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Street Theatre: Street Lights and License Plates

by Spence Everson
 I have experienced street lights going off and on for about 25 years. Many survivors report streetlights blinking out as they drive or walk by. I have pointed it out repeatedly to many people, none of whom were convinced the lights were controlled by anyone. The most common excuse is that they are just burned out. These people were in denial even when brought back a few minutes later to be shown that the lights were not burnt out because they were back on again. Many lights are left on during the day when they should be off, to extend your psychological harassment during daylight hours.

I don't think streetlights are controlled by satellites, astheorized by some survivors.  Almost always, malfunctioning streetlights are the ones that have photoelectric sensors on them. The sensors are the cylindrical devices on top of the streetlights which are visible if you walk down the street a little bit. My guess is that anyone could shine a pen laser at the sensor which would fool the sensor into thinking it was daylight, therefore turning the light off. I have not tried this, due to the potential for being accused of being a perp or set up to get caught doing it. Streetlights have a timed reset switch to cycle them back on. This means that once they are turned off, there is a delay of a minute or two before they can turn back on again. If you knew someone would be driving by in the next minute or so, then you could shut it off and time it to come back on when the person drives by.

The whole purpose of using streetlights to harass someone can be found in the writings of one of the most notorious mind controllers that worked for the CIA. Sydney Gottlieb wrote that to control someone’s mind, three things are necessary: you have to make them dreadful [full of dread]; you have to make them dependent on you; and you have to disable them. Making streetlights blink out when a targeted victim drives by achieves two of these dictates. A victim will be full of dread every time they drive past the same light that blinked out before, or will dread the area if they did not identify the particular streetlight. This in turn disables them when they realize that they are being followed; it further destabilizes them when they realize that their comings and goings are timed to the second.

As an MKUltra survivor, I know that hypnosis has been used extensively on me and my family. Switching a light on and off may be a cue to switch from one alter to another. An alternate explanation is that the lights themselves are used as cues to elicit specific behaviors that were hypnotically installed. Cult cue phrases concerning lights are: “Out like a light,”  “Out go the lights,” “Lights out,” “Punch his lights out,”“Headlights,” ”Highbeams,” and “Lit up.” Survivors’ particular reactions to these stimuli vary by cult but may include hypnotic orders to leave the house, go to sleep, fight someone, or go to the bar because you are lit up with drugs.

In my own case, lights were used to cue me to destructive behavior while shopping for food that would prove to be drugged when I ate it. Hundreds of test situations have been tried on me. Often the lights would be used in conjunction with clerks trying to solicit violent behavior, as well. Sometimes potential mates or the perps or both would be waiting at the market to watch, seeing if they could get me to act out. Lights go off when I drive or walk by just to harass me. They seem to be located at popular intersections that control roads going into residential areas. This would be the most bang for a perp’s buck, allowing you to harass several victims that have to drive down a road controlling a large housing district. I have seen, and it was witnessed by my girlfriend, the entire downtown section of streetlights in Mountain View, going off and then back on. This would have been activated by a paid city electrician who had access to the main circuit breakers.

Parking lot lights have been used against me for years, and are probably"tricked out" with a remote control switch installed with the corporation’s knowledge. Our perps, of course, control the triggering mechanism. This is a second type of switching device because many parking lot lights do not have photo sensors. This is a less dangerous method for the perps, since it does not involve bribing city electricians. A perp may only need to bribe a lowly clerk to flip the parking lot lights on in the daytime, or may involve the manager of a store who is sadistic. Another method is to sabotage the light timer on an accessible exterior wall to come on during daylight hours instead of nighttime. This only involves perps and is useful at stores that are not sadistically inclined. I have mentioned to many clerks and managers that their parking lot lights were on and wasting electricity during daylight hours. Some acted like they already knew that, and some acted like they were unaware of it.

Many other forms of light harassment have occurred over the years. My perps also use light bulbs that burn out when you turn on the light switch, letting you know they were in the house while you were away. Several years ago, they would even turn off the whole residential blocks electricity at times, but probably got in trouble from the electrical company. This would have been possible by de-activating the knife switch located on some electrical poles to turn off the entire street. Now, they just flick it off for a nanosecond, just enough to make the lights in the house flicker, but not go out. This may merely be a drop in voltage, but would have to be a substantial draw to be noticeable in any one house. They can also make the computer screen waver, but that may be the result of being bathed in electromagnetic waves. Other lights used by perps include car headlights used in daylight (before the regular use of daylight headlights), flicking high beams at me at night, exterior building lights, interior fluorescent lights, and porch lights. They regularly manipulate two neighbors’ motion- activated porch lights. They go on when I drive by or when I am awakened from hypnotic sleep at 3:00 am. At other times, they do not activate. This means someone has to physically turn up the lights’ sensitivity, sneak around at 3:00 am and activate the light, or turn the sensor to the street when you drive by, and then return it to cover just the driveway after you drive by.

Some streetlights used by the perps in the last few years are the streetlight near the on-ramp to the freeway (trying to convince survivors that we are not free); the beginning of the main road into my residential area; the nearest streetlight to the entrance of the street I live on where I shop for food and get my mail; one fluorescent light in every
classroom I have studied in for the last several years; and any building I regularly visit during the day or night. The sophistication of light manipulation shows that these are not amatuers but highly trained psychopaths, probably with military training in sabotoge and psychological harassment techniques. Obviously the CIA, military, and cults have people available to harass law-biding citizens due to our involuntary cult involvement, anti-war position, political views, environmental affiliations, or because we have accused officials of wrongdoing.

License Plates

My harassment became overt in 1976. Many of the cars that followed me to school and work had out of state license plates. I assume that it was harder to trace an out of state license plate than a California plate. This would give the perps an advantage if stopped for stalking, parked for observation, or doing something else that was illegal. The California computer system available to local police must not have been able to bring up names and addresses for the registered owners from another state.

Currently, that information is in the system. A few years after 1976, the perps started using personalized license plates, so that must have been when the computers were updated with interstate access. Traveling around the country, I began to notice that personalized license plates were being used to cue me to certain behaviors. As the years progressed, the plates became more specific and were used more frequently. They can be on a car in front of you while you are stopped at a light, or parked down the street from your home. They might be located next to your favorite stall at work, or parked at the store, where you have to drive by. Usually they are located in a prominent place where they will not be missed. Sometimes, a perp will drive in formation until you have noticed the plate. Many times a perp has pulled in front of me as I leave the house, or leading me to a place where they know I will be going. The cars almost always have plates used to cue behavior. Many may be regular citizens who are bribed to be in a certain place at a certain time, while others are obviously government or cult members’ cars.

License plates can cue a person subconsciously. Although your mind can consciously read the plate, interpreting the message is often done without being aware of it. This allows the perps to issue comments or commands, and to cue alters if you are multiple. Plates can be used to critique a behavior that just occurred, or demand a behavior or attitude expected at your destination. This kind of visual hypnosis is similar to that of watching TV. If the driver is already road hypnotized, then it would be even more effective. Hypnosis causes the subject to be in an abnormally receptive state, more likely to agree to the behavior being suggested. This subliminal manipulation can be deactivated if brought to a level of full awareness.

Watching the dynamics of other drivers around you is important. If another driver cuts in front of you and has a personalized license plate, then be aware that it may be an attempt to manipulate you. When that happens to me, I just jockey around in front of the perp car and let them read my anti-MK personalized plate. If it is a perp, they usually turn off the road right after that.

Plates used to elicit my behavior after being drugged include EEK (7 plates) and EWW (including one US government plate). Some plates are used to stop an entrainment sequence of hypnotic commands. License plates with END in them have been used extensively. After refusing to go on a government/ cult-sanctioned “date,” I saw the plate DYTR8TR (“Die Traitor”). When traveling in the East, I was given the same rental car two years in a row with 007 in the plate. One California plate has B4 ISLEP, a direct reference to the hypnotic cue “Before I sleep” used in the mind control movie, “Telefon.” Other plates used include: 1CNTRLR, ON OFF, PWR NAP, B A*, ZUKEEPR, IN2RISK, MK SAVY, and MC GRA8. I have a list of over 60 plates that have been used more than once.

Once aware that plates can be used to control behavior, one is less-able to be subconsciously cued. The perps then switch to conscious license cues. These are less effective but still designed to make you change your behavior. The key is being aware that perps want you to change to suit their objectives. Keep your own goals and objectives in mind at all times, especially when you know there are people trying to change them.

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