Sunday, April 19, 2009

Interview with Jaye Beldo

Jaye Beldo, artist, musician, psychic and conspiracy writer, talks about his life as an MKULTRA mind control survivor. He also presents an overview of his latest book, Autobiography of a Monarch Butterfly. His website is You can download the interview at

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  1. Hey Jaye ! Love your courage at coming out witht this stuff. Synchronistically I was re-watching True West by Sam Shepard on YT. The original PBS one with Malkovitch as the desert-rat brother. It suddenly struck me that the two "brothers" (alters ?) are really about an internal war going on inside "Amerika" (or Mr. Shapard). His Father, by the way, was a pilot in the Air Force and the family was always moving around. Sound familiar ? The Father in the play hangs out drunk in isolation in a shack in the desert spitting out rotted teeth listening to Louie Armstrong records rebuffing anyone who tries to help him. Sam Shepard, in real life, was hanging out in NYC with Patti Smith, early punk scene, Dylan, the beats, etc..I could go further here but, hey, I want to respect Mr. Shepard, especially in a public forum. I wonder if Mr. Shepard was conscious of the MC angle that could easily be overlaid on the facts, as far as we know them OR was he intuitively arriving at this stuff...?

    1. Ten years later, I've paid a heavy price for the courage. I burned all copies of the book in a leaf burner I borrowed from my red neck neighbor back in Minnesota. I'm focusing on my music that I compose out in the deserts of Death Valley: . It is a testimony of the powers of creativity to overcome mind control.