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Review and Analysis of the Matrix

Review By Columbia Jones
and featured in the Winter 2004 Edition of MKzine

The Wachowski  Brothers, interestingly, have only done one other film, Bound, in 1996. Little else is known about them, except that they have been working together for 30 years.

In the movie The Matrix, Reeves is dressed in a black trench coat while firing two automatic pistols and engaged in an assault on a SWAT Team, reminiscent of the Colorado schoolyard shootings. His partner carries a duffel bag with bombs init, again a striking similarity with the Columbine High School tragedy in Colorado. The Matrix mimics violent video games. It programs kids by simulating an LSD trip while brutalizing them with violent imagery. The movie links mass murder of policemen to a notion of freedom-fighting. Take your kid to see this film and he is programmed. Period. He will have his MKULTRA marching orders.

Michael A.Hoffman II

                                          Morpheus: Where is Neo now?
                                           Link: Oh, he’s doing the Superman thing.

                                           From Matrix Reloaded

There are all sorts of coincidences these days, have you noticed? Like the comic book Adventures of Superman  #596 arriving on the stands the day after 9/11/01 to reveal its own twin Luther Towers in smoking ruin. But then Superman has always been steeped in coincidence.Take the names of the stars who’ve played Superman:

First, there was George Reeves (1914-1959) who played Superman in the 1951 film “Superman and the Mole Men” about a subterranean race; then did the television series from 1952 to 1958, dying in real life the year after, either of murder or suicide, traumatizing the first television generation of children who, like our children, couldn’t quite separate the star from the role. Then there was Steve Reeves (1926-2000). He never played Superman per se but was Mr.America in 1947, then played Hercules in 1959, the year George Reeves died. Steve Reeves managed to live happily until old age. Next was Christopher Reeve, born the year George began the Superman television series. He made four Superman films, the last one in 1987. Memorial Day weekend eight years later his thoroughbred Eastern Express threw him and shattered his C1-C2 vertebrae, leaving him at 42 almost completely paralyzed. Since then, this wheelchair Reeve has been a key spokesman for controversial stem cell research, pushing for stem cells to be taken from living embryos left over from fertility treatments. (Frankenstein meets Superman?) And now here is Keanu Reeves in the futuristic allegory known as The Matrix trilogy. Born in Beirut when Christopher Reeve was only twelve, this Reeves is our first mixed-race Superman (his father is Chinese-Hawaiian, his mother English).

So what is it about the word "reeve" that makes for Hollywood’s Superman, or as Morpheus has re-christened him,“the one”? Reeve is an old nautical term meaning to pass through, thread or tie, like a rope through a block and tackle (Oxford English Dictionary). Its secondary meaning is agricultural and means to separate wheat from chaff. So a reeve is someone whose role is to bring others through something in a process that sifts one thing from another. (By the way, the two earliest Supermen were not reeves but an alyn and a collier. Kirk Alyn did two 15-part serials for Paramount, and Bud Collyer did Superman on radio, both in the 1940s. Alyn means to anoint and is connected to the word alien,and a collier is a coal miner who perhaps digs for cole, an ancient word referring to magic or the occult.)

Is Keanu Reeves the next Matrix-style Superman in a tradition of reeves? If so, his character Neo Anderson --the new son of man, neo meaning “new” and andros “man” -- has been given the task of reeving the young through a very dark aperture, indeed, when religious programming has all but been exhausted and slated to be replaced by computer programming and alien entities that delight in devouring our human life force. As Wes Thomas, moderator of a mind control message board, said in an e-mail, “Matrix Reloaded is about competing mind control operations: religious controllers vs. programmers who have replaced priests in our current culture as the arbiters of reality.” I would go one step further and say that Jesuits and Freemasons now work together for the same grand enter-prize, their ethos being, "whatever works," or perhaps Aleister Crowley’s more finely phrased, "Do what thou wiltshall be the whole of the law."

What a “coincidence” that The Matrix came out in early April 1999 and the “trench coat mafia” baptized our youths in blood at Columbine High School on April 20, Hitler’s birthday -- just about as“coincidental” as Adventures of Superman #596 coming out the day after the Twin Towers inferno. Michael A. Hoffman II does a little etymology of his own on the name Columbine: “The occult name for America is Columbia [Ed.: District of Columbia]. A bine, as anyone who has worked on a haying crew on a farm knows, is a cutting tool. Columbine literally signifies the cutting of America. It’s a Jack the Ripper mutilation process and it will take more than being angry or upset to stop this madness.” (“The Mirror World of Columbine,” Yes, signs and wonders attend these days of millennial crossover, but why do I sense they are the work of men and not gods, and that youth is their target?

Because of the presence of a Reeve and the redolence of twilight language*, Matrix Reloaded definitely bears the Freemason/ Jesuit imprimatur intent upon imprinting the masses one more time. First, there is the hodge-podge of religion, oracles, and occult lore: the cheesy Asian-Catholic-Gothic feudalistic backdrop that we have grown accustomed to seeing in apocalyptic films (Blade Runner, Dark City, DemolitionMan, etc.); Neo as Jesuit warrior-priest programmed for Crouching Tiger martial arts; Morpheus as a black Greek god of dreams, and Trinity the Triple Goddess -- maiden, mother and crone/ waxing, full and waning moon. The esoterica thickens with the introduction of the old Merovingian “program” **that has imprisoned the Asian Key maker, and the Merovingian’s Magdalen-like wife Persephone who betrays her husband with a kiss from the new son of man. Whew, what a mish-mash of religions! And lest you think that the Merovingian-Magdalen reference, and the “Mark III, No. 11” (Mark 3:11)on the hull of the Nebuchadnesser (“Wheneverthe unclean spirits saw him, they fell down before him and shouted,‘You are the Son of God!’”), and Neo’s “resurrection” of Trinity are intended to throw a bit of Christianity into the Buddhist-Jesuit-Greek-Babylonian-Merovingian mix, think again. But that’s the point, isn’t it? Once religious programming has lost its spin, the magister ludis can just take a few morsels that still have some subliminal spin on them, throw them in together, and make a nice, big one-world religion for those like Morpheus who need a little more than mere Matrix programming.

Side-by-side with the Jesuit religious-mythic programming is the more worldly Masonic programming, represented by the benign fatherly Councillor Dillard, across between Yale Skull & Bones and Roman patron; and the Architect, good old Freemasonic GAOTU (Great Architect of the Universe) himself, another white-haired Skull & Bones Aryan type sitting like a great Roman god in the sky, his video screens multiplied like a bee’s eye as they cynically (and pruriently) scan the lives of those he has programmed. The Architect is the mouthpiece of the esoteric elite who see and program the future, whereas the black Oracle of the past can only see. The reeve’s message is that the top of the pyramid will always be inhabited by a few white Skull and Bones-types who will make all the pronouncements, while the rest of us humble types--Third World refugees living in our humble abodes in subterranean hive-like cities like Zion, “free” of the Matrix -- will fill lesser posts in the Empire.While our top dogs sit in their ivory towers devising our programmed future, we will be laying offerings at the latest son of man’s god like feet or gyrating in mindless disco orgiastic pleasure in Dante’s lusty Inferno. Meanwhile, the new son of man and his three-fold Isis will be consummating a new trinity upstairs.

And what might this new Masonic/ Jesuit trinity be? Perhaps the economic, political, and cultural New World Order packaged as a dark and dreary machinated existence in either hive-like Zions or tin cans like the Nebuchadnezzer, Vigilant, and Logos that sail electromagnetic seas while being assailed by robotic insectoid sentinels gone mad. How far we have fallen since Clark Kent changed clothes in that Metropolis phone booth! The Matrix primes us for just how far afield the technological future has strayed from innocence by directing us briefly to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (published in 1865) and then to The Wizard of Oz (published in 1939). Aptly enough, it is Cypher the betrayer who utters the bone-crushing trigger, "Grab your seat, Dorothy, Kansas is about to go bye-bye." Those of us who are aware of military mind control recognize Wizard of Oz programming when we hear it, cypher or not. -- By the way, both Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) and Frank Baum were involved in occult esoterics.

So what is Neo reeving the young into? The bioports in his head and kundalini spinal column bespeak the advent of a conjunction between man and machine, certainly nothing for us drones to look forward to, unless we have been programmed to see the Nietzschean MK-Ultra Superman as “the one.” The Architect says to our youths, “Outer life will be tough both inside and outside of the Matrix. It’s all programming -- all the religion stuff, the hero stuff, the rebel stuff -- for there is no real freedom except that which we allow you. But you will still have virtual reality and Alice in Wonderland drugs to get your kicks from.” What lovely prognostication.

One particularly interesting character in both films is Mr. Smith. A three-piece-suit kind of program, Mr. Smith puts a face on the machine consciousness that is our greatest enemy, greater even than Skull and Bones or Jesuit programmers. For Mr. Smith does not just program us; he takes our soul. By assaulting the heart of his prey Aztec-style, he subsumes what makes us human and multiplies himself xerox-wise. In other words, Mr. Smith’s are Legion, demonic, and their three-piece-suit visages indicate that they have something to do with the corporate geist that we are just beginning to recogize as the soul-eater that eats us from the inside out. Mr. Smith and the bioports are the scariest news that the reeve brings us. Neo squares off against Legion, but is totally sold on his bioports. Too bad.

The saddest scene is when Neo finally gets the key from the Keymaker, opens the door to illumination, and encounters -- o joy -- the Great Masonic Architect whose satellite eyes read our akashic records***  like yesterday’s newspaper. Contrary to what Matrix Reloaded would have us believe, the Illuminated One is a program, too -- an Illuminati program running like a B-grade movie from the past, as pass√© as the Merovingian program it makes fun of. We cheer when Neo sees through this Yale wind bag and chooses the door that leads to individual love for Trinity instead of species love, but at the same time we know that his victory over GAOTU’s programming is pyrrhic -- there is, after all, that bioport in his head -- and that we ourselves were probably programmed by the Wachowski Brothers to cheer at just that moment. The Architect has indeed implanted a devious thought in our brains: Has media sleight-of-hand made us into a Zion riff raff who only think we can be free because we have been programmed to think it? Are we all Morpheus who over simplifies solutions and thinks with outworn religious and mythical sentiments instead ofwith theportions of our brains that aren’t yet programmed?

The happiest scene and one that will be truly memorable for me is when Neo counters the Aztec rite of corporate cloning and reaches into Trinity with his hand of light -- we all have one, I have seen mine -- to redeem and resurrect her. At that moment, I reclaim the symbol that Trinity is and choose to see her as the three-fold human being -- head, heart, and hands/ thinking, feeling, and willing -- and see Neo as the reeve, bioports or not, who shows us the way to disbelieve our masters’ programs and reclaim our own redemptive love. In this scene, Neo becomes the new man.

Is it all programming? Not yet. But youths are fragile and permeable without the advantage of hard-won life experience. Whether we like it or not, another reeve has spoken the language of twilight to our youths about the future that our Matrix masters have in mind for us. If we can just learn that language and make it conscious, it will have no power over us.Start talking to youths. Hang out once a week at an espresso shop where thoughtful youths like to congregate. Sit with them on a bench or the pavement, drink espresso, and talk. They love it, and so will you. Neo, reaching into the heart. The conscious war against machines, Jesuit mind programmers, and GAOTU’s has just begun.


* As I said in the previous MKzine, “In old occult lore, the language we are looking for is called ‘twilight language.’ Twilight language includes the intentional use of language and images so as to lock on to a twin correspondence in the subliminal mind. The ability to achieve such correspondences via the mass media is a branch of ritual magic whose aim is public mind control.”

** Agnostic reference to the Merovingians (Germanic Franks) who reigned in Gaul (France and southern Germany) from the 5th to the 8th centuries C.E.Unde rClovis I (481-511), the Franks converted to Roman Christianity, initiating the Holy Roman Empire. Clovis and the Franks bound themselves to the Roman Church in perpetuity. Merovingian rulers were long-haired priest-kings and said to be occult adepts.

*** Akashic Record or Chronicle (Ah-KAH-shik) Something like a cosmic videotape library, a vast record of impressions recorded in the Akasha, containing the annals of all human deeds, thoughts, and events in history, and accessible for instant replay depending on the possession of special faculties (namely, clairvoyance) by the one who consults it...As to what qualifies anyone to read the Akashic Record, this is anybody’s guess --but we may assume that the literacy must be acquired somehow, just as it must be for ordinary reading... [D]istorted reflections on the astral plane [are] like reading the New York Times under water. Lacking direct access to the Record, some of us have resorted to transcripts. - John Lash, The Seeker’s Handbook: The Complete Guide to Spiritual Pathfinding (New York: Harmony Books, 1990)

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