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The Monkey's Paw: An interview with A. Nonymous

        Aleister Crowley's portrait of LAM which curiously resembles a "gray" alien-like creature.

By Elana Freeland
July 3, 2003
Featured in the Fall 2003 Issue of MKzine

E: Tell me about the very first visitation experience you remember. How old were you?

C: The first visitation experiences were not long after my father died. I was probably close to twelve. Not only had my father died and I suffered a complete family breakdown, but there was also -- that was when a lot of the really heavy sexual abuse in my family happened as well. Pretty traumatizing. I started having these experiences at night where I would be lying awake in my bed and I would be paralyzed, I couldn’t move but was completely aware. I couldn’t see them at first, but I distinctly felt their presence. These creatures would just scan me, check me out, sometimes with instruments of light that would scan me from head to toe. Then it changed dramatically, and I could see them, these tall,sort of slight silvery gray creatures.

E: How many were there?

C: Just the two of them. One seemed to be assisting the other. They removed a section from my cheek about an inch in diameter using these light implements to operate on me. It was a completely bloodless, seamless operation. Then they replaced it, but what they replaced it with felt like my flesh and yet not, like an implant of some sort.

E: Were they operating from the inside of your cheek or the outside?

C: From the outside, but the hole went right through it.

E: Were you asleep when this happened? What state of consciousness were you in?

C: I was pretty terrified.

E: You were in bed?

C: I was in bed and it felt like I was awake and paralyzed -- that I was being held in some sort of stasis against my will. At that point, it was really unpleasant, so I tried to resist and move, and the minute that I did that they used another implement that sent this beam of light down on me and I was in agonizing pain. It was like someone had taken two huge spikes and driven them down into either hemisphere of my skull. I could do nothing but just lie there in agony. There are times in my life when that pain comes back and I feel like it’s being used against me still.

E: Are they certain times, when you’re thinking certain things?

C: Yes.It comes back when I’m trying to use paranormal skills.

E: Suchas?

C: Distant viewing, reading thoughts, trying to have an astral projection while conscious-- things like that, things that I used to do pretty commonly.

E: When you were a child?

C: When I was a kid, I used to do those things really easily.

E: Can I ask you something before you go on from there? Because sexual abuse is such a trauma and can open parts of us that previously were integrous, can I ask you about the sexual abuse -- who and what kind of trauma was passed on to you, just briefly.

C: Well, I was raped by a woman, if that’s what you’re asking.

E: Were you actually entered?

C: Was I penetrated?

E: Uh-huh.

C: No.

E: But things were done to you against your will?

C: Yes.

E: Often, trauma is connected to visitations and I don’t quite understand the connection.

C: Well, I think that I have an understanding of that but it’s much later in the story.-- So then I started having the experiences that are described pretty clearly in [the book] Communion --

E: By Whitley Strieber?

C: --yes, by Whitley Strieber, where there’s a ship outside and I can do things. I’m very alarmed and I get up out of my bed and the whole house is encased in a blue pyramid of crystalline light. That was what Whitley described and it really struck me because it was exactly the same thing that I experienced. That happened a couple of times -- well, more than a couple of times.The second time creatures came into my room and sort of checked me over.The third time -- there was always a sort of aggression and it got more invasive each and every time -- the third time the one thing that was real interesting was I would get up and look outside -- I had shutters on my windows and I’d see this light coming through the shutters. I’d open them and would see the crystal of blue light, the ship, and then instead of being alarmed and panicked I would go back to bed. I was alarmed and panicked, yet I couldn’t do anything about it and was compelled to go back to bed.

E: It wasn’t like you were being obedient to some sort of inner command?

C: I don’t think so. It was meticulously willed, if it was.

E: Were you still twelve then?

C: Oh yeah, all this stuff happened in pretty rapid succession. There was one point when they put me on a litter and examined me more in my room. The next time, they put me on the litter and started to take me out of the house, then for some reason changed their minds. Finally, there was a time when they put me on the litter -- I remember distinctly it was very strange because it was the right size for me. It was a raised litter that had this shelf running around the bottom of it and they stood on the shelf so they always leaned slightly.The shelf or litter was just high enough so that when they stood on the shelf I was surrounded by their faces, they were all watching me -- I was surrounded by these heads. Then the thing floated down the hall, out the front door,and started to rise up to the ship.

At that point, I decided that I wasn’t going to go and I would rather die than go with them. Every time I had tried to resist anything that had been done before, I had always been shocked with pain; this time I made the decision that I wasn’t going to give in to the pain. They were intently applying a lot of pain, very agonizing, and I decided I didn’t care how much it hurt, I was going to will myself to die rather than go with them. At that point, the whole scene completely dissolved and I woke up with this agonizing pain in my forehead, lying on my back in bed. Then I felt a sharp break in the pain in my forehead like it peaked at a huge extreme. I saw a glowing translucent ball of light with faint rainbow colors right next to my bed, with a sort of arch of white light with rainbow colors attached to my head being drawn back into the ball of light.

I completely confronted it and started having a conversation with it in my mind. It wasn’t a verbal conversation but we were definitely conversing. I said, “Who are you and what do you want?” I sensed hesitancy but not really duplicity on its part. It said, “Basically, I want your pain.” I said, “Emotions are food for you?” and it’s clear that there was a language or translation barrier so there was a lot of hesitancy on its part but it said, “Yes.” And so I said, “Well, what about love?” and I tried to reach into it -- I felt compassion for this being -- and at the least hint of love and contact, it fled the house, completely fled the house. In fact, I was chasing it down the hallway --

E: Physically?

C: Oh yeah, and I opened the front door -- the front door had been doubly latched,and as I recall, I think I had done that myself because I had such fear of these things that were coming -- you know what I mean? I knew that it was completely irrational to doubly latch the door but I did it anyway. So the latches got in my way and I couldn’t get out in time to pursue it. In my rush, I slammed the front door open and my mother woke up and got upset and said,“What are you doing?” I told her about having these things in my room and that they were hurting me, and she said, “Go to bed, you’re dreaming.” “No,”I said,“I wasn’t dreaming.”

E: Did you feel that your mother didn’t really know anything about it?

C: No, she hadn’t a clue.-- And then they came back one more time.

E: The beings, or the ball of light?

C: The ball of light. This time it tried to re-create the abduction experience and all that stuff, and I woke up right away, sat up in bed and looked at it like, “I am so on to you.” I didn’t put it in those terms, but it was like, “Iknow what you’re about and you can’t come here, you can’t feed on me anymore, and never bother me again. You have to go away.” And that was it. I never saw them again.

The thing is, in my adult life I found out about other cultures talking about these things, like the Indonesians call them the layac --

E: The layac?

C: -- or the ladac, and they’re often associated with a family that has -- and they’re considered evil spirits -- a family that has had trauma or loss or a nill child, and the layac come when people die in their culture.There’s a real correlation there. These entities have social recognition.

E: Now, when you say the ladac, is it the ball of light or does that mean the beings?

C: The ball of light.

E: What is the relationship between those beings that were doing something to you and the ball of light?

C: You know, my understanding of that is that that was a tape that they were playing in my head that they have prepared and used for generations to torment humans with the latest bogey man available to them in current human social consciousness.

E: So the ship and the operation and the elongated grays or whatever --

C: Yeah, all that stuff is something to stimulate fear so they can juice people for more fear.

E: What plane of reality do you think they live on?

C: I think that they are inorganic beings of this planet and that they live in the Earth technically on a different dimensional level, and that they have visited our society for millennia, whether as dragons, angels, UFOs and grays or devils from hell -- that these creatures have redefined the tape to some extent, but it’s the same one over and over. The other thing was when I was communicating with it, I realized it didn’t have emotions and was completely neutral to me, that it was the lion and I was the zebra. It had no remorse or any kind of emotion.

E: Have you talked to other people who’ve had similar experiences?

C: No.

E: I am wondering if it only strikes children? Children would seem the most vulnerable and the most intense emotionally.

C: I think it grooms children and once it’s formed a relationship with a particular child, it will pursue that person throughout the rest of their life. But it has to create that relationship with the child --

E: A fear relationship?

C: Yeah. It wouldn’t be as effective with an adult, there’s too much rational mind with an adult.

E: Do they tend to come at night as opposed to the day?

C: Yes.

E: Why do you think that is?

C: I think human beings are more easy to prey on at night.

E: More vulnerable in sleep?

C: Yes, more vulnerable in sleep.

E: It preys on fear, or is it negative emotions in general?

C: What ever it is, it’s the rational element they want to stay away from.

E: And that’s how you defeated them, is through figuring it out?

C: Yes.

E: So that was the last encounter?

C: Yeah.

E: Has anything else happened in adulthood? You’ve mentioned that sometimes you get the pain in your head if you try paranormal abilities.

C: Yes.

E: Are there other ways that you’ve noticed an impact?

C: I have been visited by inorganic beings throughout my life since, but never that kind. It’s been different orders of beings.

E: In sleep?

C: In sleep and waking, but always at night.

E: Describe some of them.

C: Well, one of the ones that I’ve had the most frequent experiences with is a ball of light, like a bursting ball of lightning but much redder. It is always associated with prickling skin, like a heavy discharge of static electricity, and there is a crackling sound like a very intense fire. They never try and coerce but they’re very charming and seductive, they try to seduce. It’s not as if they actually have any emotional content, but they definitely have a “Come hither” ploy. And I’ve always been really staunch about, “No, I won’t go with you.”

E: What ages?

C: All the way up until now.

E: Are you asleep when it happens or semi-asleep?

C: Sometimes, it happens when I’m asleep but usually I wake up. There are times when I have dreams and the dreams are very dynamic -- the feeling is still there of hearing crackling energy and feeling the static on my skin. I’ll wake up out of those dreams and that thing will be there at my bedside, not still as the white balls of light but moving around, sweeping through me. And there’ll be times when I’ll become lucid within the dream and be aware and the dream will wash away and it’ll be just me and the creature in the darkened space, and at those times I’ll physically force myself to awaken. I’ll be lucid so I’ll know if I am actually awake by speaking, and if I can’t speak or move, then I know that I’m actually still asleep and I’ll have to control my body and force myself to wake up. Usually, at that point they’ll be there and they’ll retreat and go away.

E: So you don’t feel jeopardized by them?

C: No. I always feel that -- well, I do feel jeopardized by the fact that I could be seduced -- If I’m not like vigilance about not accepting their come on.

E: They’re not trying to be sexual?

C: No, it’s about the energy. They’re trying to lure me into their trap, whatever it may be -- their realm or agreeing to go with them and be part of their activities in such a way that my energy is affected by them.

E: And is the reason they come to you somehow because the experience before left a signature on you and they know where you are?

C: Yes, I think that may have something to do with it. I think also the paranormal skills that I had as a child may be a special delicacy for their appetites.

E: Can you talk a little about those paranormal skills you had? Out-of-body, I assume?

C: Alot of out-of-body starting very, very early -- some of my earliest memories are actually out-of-body experiences. Being able to move almost at will as a young child and travel all over the world; one of the most important was being able to fly, that was something I could do both asleep and in out-of-body experiences. Having distant viewing was something I was also very, very good at. There was a point that -- later in my life when I was more cognizant of this world -- I did things like visited the White House during the Reagan-Bush years --

E: At night?

C: I would spend a lot of time in bed when I was supposed to be asleep having experiences, meditating. I levitated on three different occasions. Being able to do things like that was pretty dramatic -- I don’t know if it was necessarily good for my ego but it really affected how I interacted. I was able to read people’s thoughts on occasion.

E: When you visited the White House, what did you see?

C: I had seen a broadcast from the Oval Office and had a picture of it, so having that to fix on I used the image and projected myself there. Reagan and Bush were there, and Bush was coaching Reagan about what to say in regard to some public speech. It was arcane and not something that I understood. There was another person there --

E: Did they know you were there?

C: At some point, it seemed pretty clear that they were aware of my presence, and at that point I can tell you what they said. They said, “Oh well, there’s someone here watching us,” and then Bush, very excited, said, “Who is it, who is it?”and a third voice said, “A boy,” and Bush said, “Oh good, I like little boys.”

E: Tell me about your father. Did you say once that he was involved with the military?

C: Oh yes, he was involved with the military.

E: Which branch?

C: With the Army.

E: What was his role? Was he an officer?

C: Not that I’m aware of.

E: Was he military intel? Did he go on long trips?

C: Yeah, he did do that. He left the service officially just before the Korean War.

E: You were born --

C: I was born in ‘66. People have told me that he was in the Army just as a grunt.

[The tape recording jammed and the question was lost]

C: You know, when I use them and direct them according to my will,according to what I would choose with my rational mind -- there are times when I feel like there’s someone sort of tuning in, like “Let’s see what we can pick up with this antenna.” But there are times when I talk about this, it does sort of open up that channel and the pain’s starts to come up. And the thing is, when I do my will, it hurts. There’s a pain in a specific location.

E: Before the experiences when you were twelve, do you remember in childhood anytimes you were in hospital or clinics or dentists or places that were paid for by the military that your dad worked for?

C: No.

E: So you weren’t a sickly child.

C: No, not at all.

E: We still haven’t grappled with the military intelligence connections.There must be something going on there, or maybe not. Your dad happened to do that, and then you happened to have paranormal abilities, and then you happened to have alien encounters. But I tend not to believe in coincidences.

C: Well, there are a lot of people who were in the military, but I think they’re always looking for people who have those skills.

E: Your dad didn’t have those skills?

C: No, he was not of that bent whatsoever. That definitely comes from my mother’s side of the family.

E: Then what about the cheek thing? Was something implanted?

C: You know, for a long time I really did think there was. I remember for weeks after that experience feeling my cheek and trying to find a lump in it. Right after, there was a lump in it.

E: But the pain you feel in your head when you get close to that...

C: It’s always located in one hemisphere. It goes from the top of the head in a straight line pattern to the temple all the way back, then under the jaw -- all the left side.

E: The cube only came once.

C: The cube only came once and that was in that dark space with just me. I totally knew that I was having another dream and these things entered from stage left.I pushed myself to wake up, and there it was, standing right outside my home, quivering. It was in some sense like dealing with a child with gooey, happy emanations; it wasn’t really like dealing with a totally rational being, but it was powerful, just limited in scope. I kind of waver because it really, really affected me in that it was intimidating the way it just sort of marched into my reality and in and of itself crossed all kinds of boundaries -- boundaries of asleep and awake, boundaries of 3-dimensional reality. So I was kind of awed by it, and that was its power of seduction: the ability to awe. I almost fell for that one in a sense.

There was another experience of very tall, green-blue wavy forms, about 20 feet tall and eight to ten feet wide. They didn’t come alone like the other ones; they come in groups or pairs. They’ve been around a dozen times.

E: Does it seem connected to any part of yourself? Your stomach, abdomen, sexual organs, larynx? I’m thinking of the chakras. Are these beings connected to certain energy sources in us that are particularly active?

C: Definitely when the crackling ball is around, I feel it in my abdomen. When that dark box was there, I felt a crampiness in my right side down the torso. When the wavy blue forms were there, I felt very nauseous.

E: From the motion or just the presence?

C: Their presence was the motion.

E: What did they want?

C: I don’t know, but they were the ones that I had the greatest bodily revolt against.

E: Do their approaches have anything to do with the seasons or anything you’ve noticed that is rhythmic in any way?

C: Not that I know of.

E: So all in all, how many kinds of beings have approached you since adulthood?

C: Dozens.

E: So you’re just used to it, you live with it?
C: Yeah, it’s not like a terrible thing. It really opens me up to the wonders of the universe that more than meet the eye, and I appreciate that about their role.

E: When you use the term ‘inorganics,’ are you thinking of Castaneda’s portrayal of inorganics?

C: Yes. When I encountered Carlos Castaneda’s writings I ate it up because the fact of the matter was it was the only thing that I’d ever encountered in my life that described the experiences I’d had since I was a kid. It gave me a context, someone to relate to, like wow, I’m not alone, I’m not crazy. I use his terminology because it correlates so well with my experiences.

E: And what of Castaneda’s idea of having power if you’re going to go into that realm? I mean, you have no desire to command those inorganics the way Don Juan was trying to get Carlos to do --

C: Right.

E: --but what I’m hearing you say is that if you can consciously recognize them, not allow the fear to catch hold of you, and not submit but actually move toward compassion, there’s no reason to fear these beings.

C: No, there isn’t really a reason to fear the beings, but what he wrote about is something completely different. He talked about flirtations with disaster in my eyes, which was to go into their realm and play their game and try to glean energy from them. So basically you come down to their level. You tease them with the enticement of possible energy from you and meanwhile try to win energy from them.

E: You don’t recommend that at all.

C: No, I think it’s completely stupid.

E: And hubristic?

C: Yeah.

E: What would you recommend to people who are encountering these beings?

C: To say, “I won’t go with you.”

E: It was really haunting when you had the compassion for that one being and suddenly whoom! it was gone.

C: Right.

E: I’m just trying to imagine: are positive emotions repulsive to them?

C: Yes, and they don’t have any power that you don’t give them. That’s really, really clear. They need our volition. They cannot do anything without our willingness. So ultimately we have the power of choice. We have to choose. They’ll do their utmost to cloud that issue and seduce us and to get us to betray ourselves, but they need our volition.

E: Do you think that many of the stories that are bandied about in UFO circles and the mind control circuit of encounters with aliens, grays, reptilians, etc., are “screen memory” scenarios run by these inorganics as they attempt to get us to go with them and give them whatever they want?

C: Yes, I really do. I was so surprised by how Whitley Strieber’s book said, “Well, definitely you’re dealing with a real phenomenon because of the absolute consistency of the stories of these people who have all of these wildly divergent backgrounds all across the globe and yet basically describe almost the exact same story.” What struck me when I read that was, no, that’s absolutely wrong. What that consistency describes is not a real phenomenon but a tape being played because with all of these different circumstances and different backgrounds and experiences, people would have different experiences, not exactly the same one! Since they’re all having exactly the same one, there’s sort of a conspiracy of consistency amongst them. When I read his book and said, “Wow, this is the exact same experience that I had,” and yet I had such a different outcome, I realized that they create screen memories. I didn’t get taken away to “the ship” because of the one thing that I did differently. Now, there may be other people like me who have had a different outcome, but I haven’t heard of them yet. However, all people have the potential to have that different outcome: to break through the delusion that is being perpetrated upon them.

E: These beings sound parasitic.

C: Yes, they’re very parasitic.

E: And it sounds as though they can follow you throughout your life.

C: Yes.

E: One other hypothesis that floats around is of course military involvement. Often, people’s memories fix on military personnel, uniforms, operating tables, deep underground bases. Can these inorganics possibly see our culture well enough to decide upon a certain tape to run that would work on a variety of people as a cover?

C: Yes.

E: Would any of our people in authority be in communication with these beings and be interested in them? Could there be something behind the rumor that some of the technology we now have is alien technology?

C: Well, that’s asking me to speculate on a lot. I’d really rather speak from my experience than speculate. My experience of what our government is capable of and what they’re willing to keep secret and what they’re willing to pursue in order to obtain power, is beyond question. That they could make some sort of associations with other beings -- why not? It’s not at all outside the realm of their capabilities or doings, especially since it’s pretty well known that they have recruited a lot of people with paranormal abilities, and people with paranormal abilities are going to be having contact with these kinds of beings. And so it would have come to their attention, yes, the fact that these kinds of creatures are around, the fact that they are having a large enough impact on society to create a mass phenomenon -- the UFO industry and all that. Yes, it would definitely have come to their attention. How they could form an association with them without willing accomplices who have considerable paranormal training, I don’t know. They would need those accomplices. Beyond that, I can’t really say.

E: Because these beings seem very intelligent, lacking feeling, perhaps even self-reflection, but intelligent in a cold sort of way --

C: Exactly.

E: --so they might have other things they know in a bartering situation with power.I’m thinking of people who realize they exist and want something from them and so cut a deal to feed them certain people. Is that a possibility?

C: When you’re in conversation with them, so to speak, it’s completely elementary, without the finer, subtler concepts we describe with language. Those nuances of communication are not available to them. So their ability to impart information as far as discrete data that would be useful would be extremely unlikely.

E: What is their intelligence, then?

C: Their intelligence is the intelligence of the scheming and conniving predator.

E: Moving appetites?

C: Yes. That’s the one thing that’s pretty clear about them: their appetites are enormous and everything that they do as far as charm and seduction is intended to hide that appetite and keep it behind the veil. However, communication with them is on the level of honesty. It’s very hard for them to be duplicitous because they have no choice, it’s the only way they can talk to you. That’s why they prefer to interact through dreams and semi-consciousness where they can really control the situation and feed you what they want you to see and not what they don’t.

E: In esoteric language, our lowest body is the physical body. It sounds like their lowest body would be perhaps an etheric or astral body. They don’t have a physical body?

C: No.

E: So their food is psychic, and the emotional field is certainly the easiest to graze from. However, they were drawn to a psychic child. Is that typical? Are they drawn to psychic people because there’s more to eat there?

C: I think they’re drawn to psychic people because the channel’s more open and the food is more accessible. The portal is farther and wider open for them to jump through.

E: So when you saw a ball of light or cube or sheets of kelp, those were pictures you made of what they looked like? Were those human perceptions, what we make them look like because that’s the only way we can conceive of them?

C: I don’t know what the difference would be. We make them look like what they do look like to us. That’s how we perceive them.

E: And you saw four varieties?

C: Yes, four varieties. But there’s one I haven’t seen that really directly tried to use my fear, and that one was like the disembodiment of Dracula, what a vampire would feel like.

E: In the sleep-waking state?

C: In the sleep-waking state in that I had not fallen completely asleep and fully woke up.

E: Do you think that these beings can munch people so thoroughly that they become part of them?

C: Oh, definitely.

E: Which means that people’s humanity is curtailed by these beings?

C: Yes.

E: So in other words there are people walking around who look human but probably are not that human anymore.

C: Yes, in that they’re acting on the motivations and intent of these appetites.

E: Would these be powerful people?

C: They could be.

E: Predatory people, criminals?

C: Oh, yeah.

E: Do certain drugs give access to these beings?

C: Possibly, but I can’t really answer. You talk about Castaneda whose experiences are really associated with drugs, and I never had those experiences while imbibing consciousness-expanding drugs. Never.

E: So when you’ve taken psychedelics, they did not intensify or heighten the connection with these beings?

C: No.In fact, I took those substances with the intention of trying to improve some kind of connection.

E: Interesting. Do you think the Castaneda books are legitimate?

C: I think they’re a mix of truth and fiction and it’s really hard to distinguish what’s what.

E: Anything else you want to say about your experiences?

C: I just remember as a child when I would experience my paranormal abilities, there was a tremendous freedom associated with them. Since the experiences when I was twelve, they’ve been associated with pain. That freedom is gone and has never returned, especially the sense of liberation I experienced as a child.

E: That’s sad.

C: Yes, very sad. One of the other things that happens is when I am getting close to certain experiences or abilities again, I sometimes experience this really intense, high-pitched ringing in my ears that comes on like a pulse.

E: Is there a relationship between the stomach and these beings? A lot of people have stomach pains associated with alien encounters.

C: That’s funny because I got ulcers as a child right around that time. For along time, I had a pretty severe gastrointestinal disorder. I quit using all drugs and it healed.

E: Did you ever experience a point of entry?

C: No. I always saw the being beside me, and the only contact was the time I was connected by my forehead. But regarding people being inhabited by these beings,there is a very real extent to which they can be controlled by them.People can be eaten out by these beings to the extent -- and this is something that seems very real to me -- that they would be very easily controlled by others.I distinctly see the possibility of those creatures eating your will.Where they try to interact the most is right down here. [Gestures to solar plexus.]

E: Even in our language, the area of the stomach and solar plexus has something to do with the will: You have no guts. Whenever fear strikes, martial arts teaches that you should deepen your breathing and pull in energy two fingers below your navel to counteract it.

C: Tighten it up.

E: If scientists and people with psychic powers have discovered this, they could feasibly use it to control others.

C: You mean they might find ways to sic these creatures on you?

E: Yes. And through sex -- there are beings that can enter through illicit sex. Have you ever experienced that?

C: Something really transformed in me when I was raped. It was a huge wound and at that moment I was in such a state of terror and anguish, I really thought I was being murdered. I was too young to understand what was going on and was wide open. It was not long after being molested and raped that these other experiences started happening. Previous to that, all of my psychic experiences had been positive; after that, they were radically negative.

E: The use of fear, the increasing abuse of children... So George Bush said,“I like little boys.” What gave them their ability to be able to sense some body in the room?

C: Oh no, I don’t think they sensed it. They had an adept in their pay or control who was monitoring the situation for them. The adept wasn’t even necessarily even there. It was a report that was relayed to them as one of their security screens. It wasn’t that someone in the room noticed; what they got was a security alert.

E: I can see how these beings might be used by so-called satanists who still perform old rituals formulated to draw them and set up power relationships with them for the sake of establishing more power in this reality.

C: When you talk about stuff like that, I always think of those things as the monkey’s paw magic. Do you know what I mean by that?

E: No.

C: It always costs you more than you gain. That’s why it’s delusional and egoistic.Unless these things are of service to the greater good of human kind and spirit in general, then they will always cost more than is gained. That’s the essential mistake that egoistic hubris always leads to -- you know, the“Somehow, I will cheat that game, and I’ll be able to gain more than I give up.” It never works that way.

E: Do you think these creatures are limited to this realm?

C: There are definitely beings I have encountered that are interplanetary and have nothing to do with these childish games --

E: That these little appetites running around are playing?

C: Yeah, I think that those entities are strictly terrestrial.

E: So what were the others like?

C: Those beings were much more benevolent.

E: Did you see them or feel them?

C: Both. There was one that looked like a rolling cloud of gold, with gold dust spiraling over and over itself. It had an intense presence of good and light.

E: This was when you were a child?

C: No, it was much later, when I was an adult. It was able to understand more nuances of language and thought, and its reply to me about some of my questions was, “I have no interest in those childhood games. I’m not here on that level.I’m just here to let you know that this -- is powerful and available and is here for good.”

E: What other beings did you see that are beneficent?

C: Another one came in sort of a cloud of gold, but more of a silvery gold. A lot of times when I’m looking at things like this, I’m looking at something in front of me and also through a wall, so to speak. These beings are enormous,and are touching fellows of their own, a group all joined together. You can’t actually witness one without seeing the others. Once, I was actually physically bearing witness to someone about these beings -- that they actually exist, are really here and part of our lives affecting us for good --when the channel opened up in me and it said, “Hello,” flooding me with joy.

E: So different from the appetites scavenging for people to munch?

C: I just look at it as the power of selection operating on the spiritual level.It’s asking us to evolve by being conscious and present on those levels as well. The people who can’t pull it together to say no to these little appetites will be consumed, whereas the ones who do pull it together will be able to make connections with higher being. It’s about evolution; there’s no malice in the appetites whatsoever.

E: Because of the fear quotient around abductions and encounters, and given how they are generally dealt with in a knee-jerk way as marginal “woo-woo”entertainment, reasonable discourse is lacking. Will knowing about it and treating it reasonably help people to realize yes, these invisible entities do exist and I may encounter them, I may have encountered them, but I can take power over them?

C: That’s right. Bringing things into the light and not just leaving them in the shadows of knee-jerk religious moralizing will help. These are elemental forces of the universe, of nature. I don’t see why their existence should be considered so unrealistic. Clearly, people who have a high level of understanding in physics know that there is a huge realm of inter-dimensional reality all around us at all times. It’s all there. Now, why wouldn’t there be creatures that actually live in those dimensions? That we don’t understand how they assemble their being is similar to how we don’t really fully understand how we assemble our own being here in this three-dimensional reality that we don’t even fully understand. It’s not really that great of a stretch of the imagination.It makes a lot of sense. Yes, having a dialogue, bringing more of the vast,wondrous, and mysterious universe into discussion -- great! There’s no harm in that. And there’s nothing moral about it, either. There’s no moralizing that this is a sin or demonic in any sense.

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